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Preschool Trips

At the preschool we like to get out and explore the world around us, so once a term we organise a trip, whether it’s getting somebody in to talk to us or taking the children out into the world to explore. Listed below are a few trips/visits we have done recently:


Visitors to preschool

The Fire brigade - Fireman Tom came to visit us, we dressed Steph up in his fireman’s clothes and it was very heavy, we all had a ride in the fire engine and they even turned on the lights and sirens for us, and we all got to squirt water out of the hose.


Police – The police can and talked to the children about what they do, they let the children try on hats and handcuffs, and then they all had a chance to sit in the car and flash the lights.


Zoolab – This was a chance for the children to learn about animals that they would not normally see in everyday life, we got to hold an African snail, corn snake, toad, and a spider (which we weren’t allowed to touch)


Trips Out

Bus to Calne – This is becoming a favourite with the children, we catch the service bus from the village and travel into Calne, the children love looking out of the windows to see what goes by.  Once in town we may visit the shops to buy things for snack, go for a walk around Castlefields park, normally there is time to feed the ducks and if we’re very lucky there maybe time for a quick trip to the library for a story or even a trip to the playpark.


Jesters Soft Play – This trip gives the children the opportunity to express and demonstrate a range of physical skills that they have, for example balancing, climbing, throwing, problem solving, working together and social skills.


Father Christmas at Whitehall – This trip is not only one of the children’s favourite but its also the staffs favourite, a chance to have a story with Father Christmas, visit his toy shop and choose a present, and then meet the reindeers and goats, all followed by a trip around the Christmas shop and a hot choc and biscuit to follow.


Trip to the Farm – We walked to a local farm, where we saw tractors, lots of machinery and farm animals. The farmer showed us around and it was great.


Coming up soon we will be visiting another local farmer who will shortly be starting lambing, the children will be able to touch the lambs and hopefully we might be able to see one being born.